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Hi there! I am the nyan cat.
This blog is dedicated to all things..well.. me!
Do I annoy you? Cool!

What is Nyan Cat? I’m not entirely sure. It appears to be a half-cat, half-toaster pastry that flies through space while shitting rainbows.

— Mike Pomranz (Tosh.0 Blog Post)                                    
Am I the winner?


Am I the winner?


Would you like a Pop Tart?

"Yes" is an obvious answer.

How are you doing today?

I hope you are feeling colorful.

Like a rainbow.

Like my rainbow.

In the sky.

Because that’s how rainbows are..made.

In..the sky.

from me..



Nyan cats of my 9k victory.

  • Toast cat instead of poptart
  • Rasta cat for 4/20
  • Psychedelic flashing bg for hallucinogenics.


themed by coryjohnny for tumblr